ADHD is not a label. It is a useful diagnosis. It is not an excuse either, but it is an explanation of why is struggling. It is estimated that children with ADHD receive 20,000 more negative comments by the age of 12 than neurotypical children (Additude Magazine). This amounts to 4.56 additional messages per day that tell a child they are not good enough – and this is largely for things outside of their control. If a child is told that they are lazy, stupid, annoying, naughty, sloppy etc. enough times, they will believe it and live up to it. A diagnosis is useful because it tells us where to start on our search for solutions to help the individual.

It is possible to thrive with ADHD. But not until it is acknowledged, understood and supported. ADHD is not a label. The shaming words and messages thatother ADHD community tell us they carry around with them are the labels. Negative messges do harm and they stay with us.

For more information and an explanation, talk to ADHD Wise UK.

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