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ADHD Wise Conferences

Attending our conferences is a great way to understand more about ADHD WISE, what we do and how we create positive outcomes for people we work with. These are adults-only events (16+) which will be of benefit to parents, spouses, professional and adults with ADHD.

  • First hand insights
  • Latest research revelations
  • Shared story and experiences
  • Help and Support
  • Promoting positive outcomes


Jannine Perryman MA PGCE is a teacher, trainer, parent, academic and consultant specialising in ADHD.

Jannine was diagnosed with ADHD herself four years ago following the diagnosis of two of her three children. Jannine is brutally honest and open in her delivery of the theory and practice of ADHD. She uses her own life and professional experiences to talk you through what works and what doesn’t – and she can tell you why you don’t always get the outcomes you were expecting.

You can ask her questions along the way, and she’ll answer in a raw, real and respectful way. Jannine will talk about why things go wrong and how they can be turned around. She isn’t idealistic and doesn’t make any false promises. ADHD is hard to live with!

Jannine is an example what thriving with ADHD can look like. Her 25-year-old daughter, who has Asperger’s and ADHD, is her sidekick. The two of them will leave you in no doubt of what is possible and how you might achieve this for yourself, your child, spouse, or the people you support. Jannine has featured in articles in The Guardian, Society for Education and Training (SET) and ADHD Action. She will be speaking at the upcoming national conference run by the ADHD Foundation on the social and economic impact of ADHD . She is an MSc Psychology student with the University of Liverpool; a member of the Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (ACAMH); Society for Education and Training (SET) and holds a student membership of the British Psychology Association (BPS). She runs the Facebook page @ADHDWiseUK which has over 13,000 followers

  • A brutally honest and open delivery of the theory and practice of ADHD
  • Why you don’t always get the outcomes your expecting
  • When things go wrong, how they can be turned around.
  • Promoting positive outcomes

Positive People We Work With

We have tried and trusted partnerships that we have developed to deliver an effective conference with positive outcomes.

Case Studies

There is something for everyone at our ADHD conference. We get positive feedback all the time. ADHD is a big subject and its good to meet with other people facing the day to day challenges of ADHD.