2 days ago


Just a quick note before I take the evening off... 😱

Please plan in something nice for yourself. 🥰

I’m leaving my phone at home and going for a curry with my lovely hubby. 👩‍❤️‍👨
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3 days ago


It’s Tuesday night and I have already worked 35 hours.

Sunday: 9 hours
Monday: 13 hours
Tuesday: 13 hours

Errr, I think I best take the rest of the week easy.
Errr, no. Tomorrow is an 8 hour day but then I’m down with ADHD Surrey and ADHD Foundation until Saturday night.

🙏The saving grace is that I absolutely love what I do.
🧡The essential thing is the support of my family.
🥰The icing on the cake is the feedback and acknowledgment from my amazing clients.
🤝The encouraging part is the growing team around me.
🙋🏼‍♀️The purpose is to make a difference - and I know that I do.

However, my current working hours are not maintainable and ‘No’ is a word I’m learning to say.

I’m not a Martyr. I get paid for a lot of what I do. But I do a lot for love too.
It took me a year to replace my part time teacher income, and now I’m almost back to a full time teacher salary. And I have my initial investment to pay back so it’s still hard. The intention is to earn a living but not a fortune. I know what I’m doing and why I’m doing it and I’m very proud to be a thriving #ADHD professional and a champion for change. I’ll take sone time out next week. #TeamADHD #lovewhatyoudo #dowhatyoulove #findyourpurpose
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3 days ago


Another testimonial that made me want to cry. 🤭

Jannine has persevered with my son for several months now, attempting to get him to engage with her which sometimes is successful and sometimes isn't. She has always been patient and constantly looking at different options and has never given up hope. She was rewarded recently when something serious and extremely upsetting happened to him and it was Jannine he contacted to tell her about it and to talk to.
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4 days ago


I can see my influence on the work of others. I love this, although sometimes It would be nice to see it acknowledged. Just a little nod or a thank you. Just a ‘I love this and I’m inspired’ or an ‘I’m stealing this’. Or even better, credit me in the post or publication. We are all influenced by each other and our work should always make others want to do more or better. But when I pour my heart and soul into something and see it replicated elsewhere, sometimes even better than my original idea, I should be able to feel proud of my input in someone else’s work.

Talk to me. I’m nice! Anyone who has worked with me will tell you I get great satisfaction from the achievements of others. A legacy is built on sharing and supporting others and I will help you or work with you if I can. I ask for grace, consideration and acknowledgment.

I haven’t written this about one person or organisation. It’s not personally aimed at anyone. It’s cumulative because it happens often in the UK and US. I notice! Sometimes it makes me smile but not when it happens a lot and especially not when it is so thinly disguised. It’s a compliment when it’s acknowledged. I’m not precious and I know that we can all unwittingly take on the words of others and make them our own - hence why most make me smile. I like that I inspire others to write. But write from you own heart please and not from mine.

I have #ADHD. The upside to this is the ideas and words will keep coming. Nearly 5 years in and I’m still writing! No sign of writers block yet but I do find myself being guarded and I have to consciously decide to let go and commit to sharing freely and I really shouldn’t even have to think about it.

Hey ho. My idealism I know. Maybe I’m just deluded. The book content stays under wraps but other than that, I’ll just carry on being me.

Jannine 🦉
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4 days ago


#WeBelong“We belong”. Neurodiversity - recognising that if 1 in 5 human beings have either ADHD, Autism, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia or Dyscalculia - means we can not be ‘errors of genetics’. We are not ‘disordered’ we are different. We are human. We are intelligent. We are employable.
Yes there are aspects of our lives that are challenging ... but we are not ‘less than’ and need only for you to see and understand those differences so we are able to achieve our potential and live happy, healthy, successful lives. “We belong”
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A brutally honest and open delivery of the theory and practice of ADHD

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