20 hours ago


2 school meetings in one morning - in 2 different towns.
One TAF and one an emergency review.

When I’m driving to these meetings I always think ‘who am I to be giving advice on what schools need to do?’ but by the time, I head out, I know the value of my input.

Home now and pleased to be taking my suit off - I have just realised I put navy trousers on with my black suit jacket. 🤦🏼‍♀️

30 minutes until my next client and then I’m taking one of my young clients (who was the subject of one of my meetings today) for a hot chocolate and a chat. Then the evening supporting parents over at Operation Diversity Academy.

Days like today are my favourite because they are varied, remind me of why I do what I do, and show me that I can help people just by being myself.
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5 days ago


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6 days ago


I am my own motivation for all that I do, and this is my promise to myself and others.

Be the adult you needed when you were younger.
If not you, then who?
Jannine 🦉
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6 days ago


What shall I call her? #NameMyUnicorn

It’s been a tough week with clients so far, but this just arrived and has picked me right back up!

I’d seen and commented on one that Heidi and Me. Our Neurodiversity Journey. had shared and now I have my own, complete with the orange #ADHDawareness ribbon🎗.

Thank you Miss L (You know who you are). I will treasure her always. 🥰
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