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Up and out and off to #yoga this morning. I’m sure it’ll do me good too but I’m doing it for Becca (17, #ADHD) as she needs an outlet ... See MoreSee Less

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4 days ago


Ryan Swain. #adhdrolemodel. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 ... See MoreSee Less

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5 days ago


Finally home after a 13 hour day.

1:1 #coaching all morning, leading a case conference at a school in Rugby this afternoon and then hosting our ADHD Wise Peterborough support group this evening with the help of my daughter Becca and the lovely Jacki Cairns.

Tired but happy. Feeling like mine is an ideal job in many ways for an #ADHD er. Varied and purposeful.

Tomorrow is easier so I get to recover as Monday was bonkers too!

#lovethelifeyoulive #thrivingadhd #BornToBeADHD #TeamADHD
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6 days ago


It's been 7 years since we discovered #ADHD is part of our family dynamic. 7 years since Kiki first tried meds.
She was 19 then and was already diagnosed with Asperger’s. I flipped and didn't believe it at first. But the meds helped so much that it was undeniable. Will was diagnosed soon, after and then I followed. Becca took a while longer but is also diagnosed.

Knowledge is power. Meds are not a cure all. Life got better almost immediately after each diagnosis because with it comes with an understanding and a framework for adjustments.

Each of us is living out best life. It's not easy, but together, we have got this. 🥰

***Pic is my Vicki (Kiki) with our Chihuahua puppy this summer.
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