6 hours ago


#GCSE results are in.
Mine have done well but not as well as they hoped.
4s, 5s & 6s for Will and 6s, 7s & 8s for Becca.
Seeing others in tears is sad. But life will go on. We are not defined by our results!
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17 hours ago


It's #GCSE result day tomorrow and I'm nervous excited for my #ADHD #Twins.

I spent the day at Ikea today with Becca buying bits for her bedroom. She said it did her good to not think about her results as her friends are all freaking out on social media. We have a ’Tropics’ business starting in September so that she can earn while studying. All is good.

Will is so much more laid back and taking it all in his stride. He is struggling to sleep even more than normal though. He starts his job at McD’s tomorrow.

Both are looking to do A-Levels so a lot hangs on this. But I remind myself that that it is not now or never and their worth is not measured by exam results. They are good, kind, bright and ethical young people regardless of what tomorrow brings and I'm so proud of them.
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21 hours ago


Inspired by the attached blog by Grace Under Pressure, Sarah Forbes.

My Will (16 #ADHD) has been great in many respects this summer but getting him to sort his room is tough!

I showed him this and at first he was cross and said I should have just asked him to do it. I laughed and said ’yeah right’ because I am always asking. I sealed up the rest of the bag and said he could have the rest as long as he didn't cheat on this list.

He then started telling me that he could get at least 6 skittles already because he has made is bed and has almost no crockery in his room. 🤣🤣 The lies he tells himself! Anyway, I can hear him doing things in his room so 🤞!

Sarah’s blog on the topic:
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1 day ago


I either have loads of pens in my handbag or none!
Anyone else?
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2 days ago


Good morning #parents and #carers.
How are you doing?


If you haven't already, please book your children in for an eye test.
There is a significant correlation between vision difficulties and #ADHD. One does not necessarily cause the other, it's just that they potentially share generic and environmental risk factors.
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