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At last! We are pleased to say that ADHD is more widely understood and accepted than it has ever been before.  There are a growing number of us who are willing to talk openly and honestly about how ADHD impacts on on our lives – the good, the bad, and the ugly!

ADHD can affect anyone, and its okay.  We’re different, but we can and do function in society in our unique and bombastic way. We are often the most creative people you know, and are often drawn to caring professions or careers where we can feel we make a difference.


If you, your child, a family member, a child in your class, an employee, your partner, have ADHD, they have had it since birth, and will always have it.  If encourage to accept themselves and be allowed to thrive, your time around them will be full of love and entertainment. Life around a thriving ADHD’er means never being bored or lonely.


ADHD Wise UK has been set up by adults who are diagnosed with ADHD themselves and use it to good effect.  We want to champion the possibilities, and ‘promote positive outcomes’ for those with ADHD. Its a tough condition to live with at times.  There are some of us who barely manage to survive, let alone thrive.  We are here for them, because merely surviving is never enough. We all deserve more than that.

There is a reason for everything, and a host of potential solutions to every ADHD issue.  ADHD Wise UK is entirely ‘Solution Focussed’ and will always endeavour to help you to navigate the challenges ahead, and find a positive way forward.

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