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Teens with ADHD.

Currently planning a webinar for #ADHD teenagers and their families.
We have two 17 year olds who despite their challenges, are doing well (both A-level students). They will be presenting this with us - because teens need to hear from other teens!

What topics or questions would you or your child like us to cover?

*edit if you can, please ask your teen what they would like us to cover.
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Time blindness
Interest based nervous system.
Imposter syndrome
Variable attention
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A year ago for her prom.
My Becca taking a moment to raise awareness for the #umbrellaproject run by ADHD Foundation. #Neurodiversity is something to celebrate. 🥰☂️
‘Discovering that I have #ADHD meant I began to work out how to make my life better!’
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#ADHD #Coaching varies enormously.
Here is a snippet of a between sessions catch up with one of adult clients.

Very relatable wouldn’t you say?
But then they went on to have a very productive day.

It is so hard to get out in front and then stay there. Left unchecked, people with ADHD can spend their lives trying to put out fires or running away from their own chaos.

That’s surviving.
What we’re aiming for thriving.
It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
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Dear school SENDCo.

Although my daughter is no longer at your school and is now studying for her A-levels at home, I wonder if I could trouble you to answer the following questions.

How was it that her work pace was never flagged as a concern?
Why was the fact that her hands hurt through hyper-mobility never brought to my attention?
Is there a reason why her time blindness went unnoticed and unsupported?
Can it really be that no one noticed how distracted she is or how hard she finds it to organise herself?

I look forward to you response.

Best wishes
Mum to a bright child with ADHD.


Oh wait. I forgot.

😬I’m pathologising my child.
😬We shouldn’t go looking for ADHD any more than we should go looking for cancer.
😬Her difficulties are all just down to her periods.
😬She can’t have ADHD because she has never bitten anyone.
😬You understand ADHD better than I do as you have a family member with it.
😬She doesn’t need any support because she’s bright.


I hate that you’re still in post but I’m glad my daughter is nowhere near you.

^^^edit. I am a SEND Specialist Teacher as well as a mum to 3 neurodiverse children. I’m a teacher trainer too. As such, I know many SENDCos / SENCos who are amazing. It’s just my daughter was not fortunate to have one of them.
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A day in the life of a young offenders employee with ADHD

I love helping people and I am passionate about people seeing the positives of ADHD and other co-occuring conditions. Personally, if there was a button I could press to get rid of it I would build a protective case around it. I would never press it. But my friends might at times. I would get rid of the bi-polar though. I don’t like that.

There is a young offender in my area. Street robbery, violence and many other things. He has been arrested over 50 times. He was in our custody suite. I said hello as I walked through as I recognised his face (looks like butter wouldn’t melt). I say “Are you alright?” His mum, sat there all savvy like, says “No you gonna get him an officer, we’ve been here two hours, he’s got ADHD and gonna kick off soon.” I looked at him and said “No he won’t.” He looked up at me very confused. I said “I have ADHD, it don’t make you kick off, it makes you easily bored and frustrated, but it is your choice if you kick off, not ADHD.” He looked gobsmacked. I said, “Do you have a phone?” He said, “Yes.” I said ,“Have you got games on that phone?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Why don’t you play on it until you get bored then play a different one and a different one. Listen to some music, do a dance. But there is no way kicking off will be happening and be related to ADHD.” I went and found an officer and the boy was fine. I think he is normally able to trick people. I sat with mum, who I believe also has ADHD and went through stuff, and listened to her for two hours. So it went over my shift. Oh dear. Still, I saw that kid a couple of weeks later with his mates. I said hello to him, he smiled and said hello back. Needless to say he doesn’t normally do polite to kids. So I knew my little seeds had been planted. I do hate people blaming that stuff on ADHD. We are never going to get real understanding and support if people go around thinking everyone with ADHD is violent. Grrrr. It is just coping mechanisms to help combat the frustration, lack of confidence, risk-taking that gets us there. If you lock us in a room with nothing we might kick off quicker due to needing to be active. But even the most patient kids/adults would kick off over time. It’s just that our fuse is smaller. Our confidence is non existent. So we expect to fail. So our barriers are higher than others. Its all common sense to me. Sorry, waffling again. I am a bloody pain.

I do hope our kids get more help and understanding then we did. So there’s less adults running about with anger or confidence issues or mental health issues that are there from all those years of self doubt. Makes me sad.

P.S. I ain’t saying folk with ADHD don’t kick off. I’ve seen it enough times. I just mean if we can give them coping mechanisms to stop it getting to that point, then there’s no need for them to feel upset.  But sometimes it’s inevitable. But it’s mainly from frustration.

Anonymous to protect all parties