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I was THAT child.
The one nobody knew why I was behaving the way I was so nobody knew how to help me.

I am told I was like a grenade or a wrecking ball. I just remember feeling lost, confused, misunderstood and hopeless.

But I understand now, and so does everyone around me. I'm flighty and unpredictable but I'm not reckless or explosive. I'm full of ideas and sometimes I run before I walk. I’m smart, funny, kind, generous, passionate and driven. I'm a mixed bag of strengths and weaknesses, just like everyone else. It's just that the way I need to go about things won't be what most people expect.

Having just spent the night with my mum in London catching a show etc, I’ve put her on her train home, and I’m reflecting on how far we have come. No child recognises the anguish they cause their parents at the time. And no parent is automatically equipped to cope with the challenges of raising any child, let alone one with #ADHD. Thank goodness we know about NeuroDiversity now! But of course, I wish we had back then!

My mum didn’t know it was going to work out okay for me, or even for our relationship. She just had to hope and try her best - just like I am doing with my children, and probably you yours.

I’m not perfect by any means. But THAT child grew up to be THIS adult, so please believe that anything is possible.
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2 days ago


If I haven’t responded to your messages, nudge me! I’ve just got to the end of a massive pile of work (at 2.30 in the morning) and am aware that I have dropped some balls! 🎱 🎾 🏀

Night night! 😴
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3 days ago


My Vicki (26, #Autism & #ADHD) got this yesterday. 5 years of volunteering with British Heart Foundation.

She found a place where they appreciate her just the way she is. They have built her skills and confidence over time and she has given them her creativity and commitment in return.

Vicki is happy and that is all that matters. 🥰
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5 days ago


One of my clients is a #teacher with #ADHD herself. We plan her week ahead every Sunday and we have a laugh!

She sent me this to share with you.

One day I hope she is able to be as open about her differences as I am. In the meantime, she is in the classroom being magic and making a difference!
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Dear ADHD.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Mostly positively but sometimes not. I have known you all my life but not by name. You are the fire in my belly and the creativity in my mind. You are behind my emotional rollercoaster, my struggle with time, and the reason I struggle to be still. You’re also the reason I hate to be told ’No’ and why I’m always looking to find my own path – which is usually winding!

It is a relief to know you. Before that I just felt broken and useless. Capable yet chaotic. Life was hard and I felt I only had myself to blame. It went on like that for 41 years before you were revealed to me. I was so sad and mad when I first saw you. I grieved for all that could and should have been if only I had known you were there.

10% of my life later, I have learned to accept you, appreciate you and even love you. I recognise the joy and excitement that you bring to my life. I know you are the reason my head is full of ideas and my heart is full of passion.

You are difficult to live with. The minute I’m not paying attention to you, you play up and create havoc. But on the good days, which are more plentiful now than ever before, you light up my life and make the impossible possible.

Everything is going to be okay. We are going to have a good rest of our lives together. Thank you for being a part of me.

Lots of love 
Jannine. 💕