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Teens with ADHD.

Currently planning a webinar for #ADHD teenagers and their families.
We have two 17 year olds who despite their challenges, are doing well (both A-level students). They will be presenting this with us - because teens need to hear from other teens!

What topics or questions would you or your child like us to cover?

*edit if you can, please ask your teen what they would like us to cover.
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Time blindness
Interest based nervous system.
Imposter syndrome
Variable attention
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A year ago for her prom.
My Becca taking a moment to raise awareness for the #umbrellaproject run by ADHD Foundation. #Neurodiversity is something to celebrate. 🥰☂️
‘Discovering that I have #ADHD meant I began to work out how to make my life better!’
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#ADHD #Coaching varies enormously.
Here is a snippet of a between sessions catch up with one of adult clients.

Very relatable wouldn’t you say?
But then they went on to have a very productive day.

It is so hard to get out in front and then stay there. Left unchecked, people with ADHD can spend their lives trying to put out fires or running away from their own chaos.

That’s surviving.
What we’re aiming for thriving.
It’s not easy, but it’s possible.
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Dear school SENDCo.

Although my daughter is no longer at your school and is now studying for her A-levels at home, I wonder if I could trouble you to answer the following questions.

How was it that her work pace was never flagged as a concern?
Why was the fact that her hands hurt through hyper-mobility never brought to my attention?
Is there a reason why her time blindness went unnoticed and unsupported?
Can it really be that no one noticed how distracted she is or how hard she finds it to organise herself?

I look forward to you response.

Best wishes
Mum to a bright child with ADHD.


Oh wait. I forgot.

😬I’m pathologising my child.
😬We shouldn’t go looking for ADHD any more than we should go looking for cancer.
😬Her difficulties are all just down to her periods.
😬She can’t have ADHD because she has never bitten anyone.
😬You understand ADHD better than I do as you have a family member with it.
😬She doesn’t need any support because she’s bright.


I hate that you’re still in post but I’m glad my daughter is nowhere near you.

^^^edit. I am a SEND Specialist Teacher as well as a mum to 3 neurodiverse children. I’m a teacher trainer too. As such, I know many SENDCos / SENCos who are amazing. It’s just my daughter was not fortunate to have one of them.
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Dear ADHD.

I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately. Mostly positively but sometimes not. I have known you all my life but not by name. You are the fire in my belly and the creativity in my mind. You are behind my emotional rollercoaster, my struggle with time, and the reason I struggle to be still. You’re also the reason I hate to be told ’No’ and why I’m always looking to find my own path – which is usually winding!

It is a relief to know you. Before that I just felt broken and useless. Capable yet chaotic. Life was hard and I felt I only had myself to blame. It went on like that for 41 years before you were revealed to me. I was so sad and mad when I first saw you. I grieved for all that could and should have been if only I had known you were there.

10% of my life later, I have learned to accept you, appreciate you and even love you. I recognise the joy and excitement that you bring to my life. I know you are the reason my head is full of ideas and my heart is full of passion.

You are difficult to live with. The minute I’m not paying attention to you, you play up and create havoc. But on the good days, which are more plentiful now than ever before, you light up my life and make the impossible possible.

Everything is going to be okay. We are going to have a good rest of our lives together. Thank you for being a part of me.

Lots of love 
Jannine. 💕